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End-fed half wave antennas.

Each antenna has been carefully set up on the bench using a rig expert antenna analyser and tested in the field with high power rf (400w cw) to ensure each one is working perfectly, right out of the box..

All connections are soldered and sealed, All drilling’s are epoxy sealed to maintain IP ratings, this also adds strength to the fittings. .

Single-Band Antennas.

The single band antennas use an air wound coil and a coax stub capacitor for increased power handling.

This is a tuned LC circuit which is very efficient, do not attempt to use on any other band other than the one it was designed for.

You could damage the antenna and also your transceiver.

Expect a SWR< 1:1.5 across the band it covers.

Multi-Band Antennas.

The multi band antenna uses a 49:1 transformer to convert the high impedance down to 50 Ohm for your transceiver.
We only use Nickel Zinc Spinel Ferrite cores , genuine fair-rite ft240-43 imported from USA.

The quad band 40/20/15/ and 10m antenna is a full half-wave on 40m all odd and even harmonics above 40m will resonate to give you multi band capability.

The seven band 80/40/20/17/15/12 and 10m antenna is a full half wave on 80m, some call this an eight band and include the 30m band, you will need an ATU for this band, SWR will be between 2.5 to 3.0

Expect a SWR< 1:1.5 across the bands it covers ( an atu may be needed on some bands on band edge’s)

The higher power version has lower bandwidth and higher swr.

All antennas are available with or without the heavy duty mounting bracket.


If an item is not in stock just get in touch, even if its a design not listed we might be able to help.

At busy times stock will be low, we are a small family business.


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