Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket 40/20/15/10m

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Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Efficient 49:1 transformer using genuine FAIR-RITE core ( Ni/Zn Material )
Power 400w PEP , please note that the power ratings are 50% RX/TX  .
4mm aluminium mounting plate with 48mm clamp (heavy galvanised).
20m long (approx).
Resonant on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands
Full half wave on 40m band.

We will ship once a week on Mondays only due to covid19.
So239 socket.
Dark grey coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

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6 reviews for Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket 40/20/15/10m

  1. Tony Campbell MM7MTB (verified owner)

    I purchased this Antenna a month or so ago to fit into an extremely small garden. I have had to bend the last 4-5m at right angles to the main length of wire, but still getting very good results on foundation licence 10 watts. I have also found, that my particular installation, that 80m and 12m both tune and have performed well (especially 80m). This might be a peculiarity of my installation, and had I been able to get the full length of wire out straight, I may have found that 80m did not tune. Interestingly, the tuning is being done using my old Icom ic-737a internal tuner, nothing fancy!
    The build quality of this antenna, far outweighs its cost. Exceptional value for money!!

  2. Ben Elms-Lester (verified owner)

    Beautifully built bit of kit. I have only needed to use the inbuilt tuner on my FT991 for 80M. Fantastic results and worth every penny!

  3. Darren (verified owner)

    Excellent Antenna, have mounted in a sloping position going into a tree. Really happy with the results.

  4. Terry Hill (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot Ian nice antenna got it as sloping and its works very well happy with the results

  5. Andrew Shone. M5ALA (verified owner)

    May 2020
    I installed this aerial, up in the eaves of my house, running along the length of my house then slope down to the bottom of the garden. Not the ideal installation but it is all I have to go at. I then ran the coax down vertical about 7 feet and wound a choke with a few turns of coax and four clamp on ferrites the idea being the 7 feet or so will act as a counterpoise then hopefully choking off any further radiation down the line.
    My antenna tuned up across all bands just resonant a little below frequency. I shortened the wire by folding back on itself by about 9 1/2 inches, which brought the aerial into resonance across all bands, only 10mts is a little below the optimum, reading about 2.2 to 1 worst case, the ATU can deal with this and at the moment 10mts is not a band I use. May be when sunspot max returns I will adjust accordingly.
    All in all this is a very well made and presented aerial with a robust mounting bracket which gives me four bands to use at a very good price. I have so far after one week of use had contacts using PSK31 right across Europe and as far away as Japan although that contact started but did not complete! This may have been me of course. I will obviously continue to experiment, like all radio hams aerial experimenting is a major part of the fun of radio and as it is spring time it’s time to play aerials.
    I can wholheartedly recommend this aerial to any one who has limited space real estate and likes to remain stealthy.

  6. Charli Wilson M0XCV

    I purchased this antenna 12 months ago and it’s been in daily use since. Very well built and it far exceeded my expectations on all bands, I tune it up to 80m with ease and the tx is superb. rx is noisy but that is my location. It is very descrete, I have mine sloping from the roof to the end of my garden about 2m high at the other end. It regularly works 1000’s of miles on ssb. I have had no emc issues. I would recommend this antenna to anyone! M0XCV

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