Multi-band End-fed antenna without bracket 40/20/15/10m

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Swr <1:1.5 (no need for an atu).
Power 400w+ PEP.
Efficient 49:1 transformer using genuine FAIR-RITE core ( Ni/Zn Material )
20m long (approx).
Resonant on 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands.
Full half wave on 40m band.
So239 socket.
Dark grey coated copper wire for stealth installation.
Heavy duty end insulator.
Stainless steel fittings.

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3 reviews for Multi-band End-fed antenna without bracket 40/20/15/10m

  1. William smith

    Brought one of these really pleased with, it works well.

  2. Andrey Marinov

    Fantastic antenna for fast deployment in restricted conditions.
    Well spent money.

    Due to neighborhood restrictions at my QTH, I deployed this endfed antenna in my attic. It works well on 40m 20m 15m and 10m band. With 100W I am able to make DXes. Clearly the half-lambda principle works very well.
    The quality of the matching box and the antenna is at top professional level. I look forward to buy a second one for my outdoor QRP activity.

    73 de HB9/F1VNO

  3. Tom Walshe

    Bought the 40 thru 10m end fed with a 49:1 transformer with no real expectation of it working correctly on all bands. Unlike all other antennas I have bought, I was amazed at the swr and impedance. It is 1.2or less, and impedance is between 47ohm and 55ohm on all bands.I wish I had discovered this antenna sooner as I would have saved a lot of money. One antenna does it all.

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